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New Year, not so ‘new me’

New Year’s resolutions. We all make them. At the end of every year there is an opportunity presented to us – the ever inviting chance to ‘renew’ something. To stop doing, eating, saying, thinking, being a certain something that for whatever reason has formed a narrative of criticism in our minds. And yet, every year [...]

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Femininity; what is the ‘hyper – feminine’ woman of today and how does she come to be?

Of all the women engaged in professional work today it would be hard to say whether the greater number are more feminine or masculine in their mode of life and character. In University, life, in scientific professions and in business, one constantly meets women who seem to fulfil every criterion of complete feminine development. They [...]

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Talking dreams at Cabhru Psychotherapy Clinic

What is concealed in a dream that so badly urges its presence on us? Something foreign, disturbing at times, that forces up in the middle of a darkest night in terror, confused and glad to be awake ... The dream is a very particular state of mind when a person’s consciousness is somewhat suspended. It [...]

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