There is something mesmerising in artwork whether it is a painting, a song or a novel, it captures our attention so much that at times it is difficult to quite pin point why, and this will always differ from person to person. Why?

The unconscious mind expresses itself through various forms of art. Art allows the unconscious to be communicated in a way that is available to the individual, and through this form of expression it allows there to be to address the other. The emotional experiences that are not known to our conscious mind pop out all the time through various ways. Art is one of these ways, as is psychoanalysis; both provide a relief from overwhelming sense of anxiety.

However, there is a difference in how one becomes aware of the unconscious workings of the mind. When something is expressed through art it not always perhaps understood and therefore while providing a relief it is of a temporary measure. Whereas, when one is engaged in psychoanalytic treatment that not only allows to express one’s unconscious conflicts and desires, but also to explore them further and so gain a better idea of what they really are about. With that kind of understanding a more comfortable way of being comes in to existence.

„Sofa” by Alexandr Onishenko, 1999